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ISO 19796-1

RedGrove is working according ISO 19796-1 norm, but is not ISO certified.

What is ISO 19796-1? The best explanation is on this ISO web site:

ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 is a framework to describe, compare, analyse, and implement quality management and quality assurance approaches. It will serve to compare different existing approaches and to harmonize these towards a common quality model. The main aspect is the Reference Framework for the Description of Quality Approaches (RFDQ).

ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 consists of the following items:

  • description scheme for quality management;
  • process model defining the basic processes to be considered when managing quality in the field of ICT-supported learning, education, and training;
  • conformance statement for the description format.

For a better understanding of ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005, several annexes show samples of its use. The annexes are based on the French 'Code of Practice in e-Learning' (AFNOR Z 76-001) and German DIN PAS 1032-1. Additionally, an annex on Reference Quality Criteria (RQC) is included. These criteria serve as reference criteria for the analysis and evaluation of learning resources and scenarios. These criteria are also not a quality assessment approach itself, but a framework to compare different quality assurance and quality assessment approaches. Additionally, several examples of use are shown, such as specific quality objectives (e.g. metadata quality) and guidelines.

ISO/IEC 19796-1:2005 is only the first step towards a harmonized quality framework; the next step is to define quality instruments and metrics in order to provide a complete quality approach. It is planned to begin the work on the full quality approach as the second part of the QA activity.

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RedGrove 2.0

 Available now: RedGrove 2.0!

More attractive, easier to understand and dedicated to business who want to offer some internal and/or external trainings.

Don't hesitate anymore, it's the tool you need!

Not sure yet? Let's go to a little tour of this web site and you will be convinced.


First e-Learning Breakfast

The RedGrove Team organized an e-learning breakfast to the Chambre des Métiers of Luxembourg. 

"e-Learning in Business : Best Practices":

  • Study of current e-learning situation in companies
  • e-Learning advice
  • Workshop: How to begin with e-learning

Dr. Georges Merx, specialized in e-learning, from Belair Executive Education, joined us to give more information about this situation.


RedGrove in the Top 25

PaperJam ICT 2010 Awards rewarded best practices in the Luxembourgish ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) sector.

The international jury, chaired by Jean Schweitzer, project development manager to the University of Luxembourg, 25 selected projects between 47 at first in the list.

RedGrove was part of thèse 25 nominated projects and is really proud of that !