Use Case scenarios

Online training can be beneficial in many different situations.  Below you find some of the more common cases in which e-training is used.

Product sales training

  • Target audience:
    • Internal sales staff
    • Sales staff of dealers / resellers
  • Learner outcomes (following the training the learner can...):
    • Present and demonstrate the product
    • Propose use cases for the product
    • Deal with customer objections
  • Topics covered:
    • Product features / benefits
    • Product use cases
    • Sales scenarios
  • Materials presented:
    • Text / images / demonstration videos
    • Optional: Sales scenarios in text with voice over / animated presentation
    • Test / Quiz: to test learner outcome AND to test quality of course content
  • Potential business goals:
    • Increase sales
    • Reduce support efforts

Software / Process training

  • Target audience:
  • Learner outcomes:
  • Topics covered:
  • Materials presented:
  • Potential business goals: