Course Development & Production

All successful projects have one thing in common : their developers all use a very systematic approach. At RedGrove we do the same.

SCORM Compliance

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Model.  It is an industry standard used to port e-learning content across different systems; i.e. a SCORM compliant course can be ported to different SCORM compliant LMS systems.

Our RedGrove LMS is SCORM compliant and the tools we use make it possible to author courses which meet this standard as well.

More about SCORM.


Template based development

Templates are a commonly used technique to facilitate quick and accurate document creation. The same technique can now be applied in course development.

What are the advantages?

- Faster and Easier: You only have to fill out the form and plug in your content. And it's done.

- Predictable: The use of similar templates for similar types of content will allow your students/users to focus on the content and not on the way to use the template.

- Maintainable: It's easy to update and to maintain content. If you need to make a functional change to a template, change it on one place and it will automatically change every page in the course based on that template.



ADDIE model

In the field of eTraining, the ADDIE model has become a standard for instructional design and training development because offers a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training tools.  ADDIE stands for : Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation.