eTraining Project Development

We will help you setup your training project complete with project plan and budget. Below are the steps we follow and the topics we will discuss with you in detail.

eTraining driven by Business Goals

Your training projects should be driven by clear business goals ; i.e.

  • Increase sales for product range X
  • Reduce support costs in region y

These goals not only help you focus on what should be covered in the training content, but they also set the standards by which you will measure success.

Define the eTraining parameters

The following will be covered :

  • Who needs to be trained ?
  • Is any base skill-level / knowledge required ?  If so : define this.
  • What is the desired "Learner Outcome".  What should the learners know at the after the training ?
  • What content is needed to meet these goals ?
    • Which content is already available and in which form ?
    • Which content needs to be produced ?
  • What strategy will be deployed to deliver the trainings ?
    • All online ?  Mix of online / classroom ?
    • How will the program be rolled out / introduced in the company ?

Calculate the budget

Estimate the resources (staff + cash) needed to produce the content and roll out the program. 

Perform a cost / benefits analysis

This is a simple exercise to see if the potential revenue gains / cost savings based on the business goals defined will be larger than the cost to deliver the project.  If this equation is positive, you should go ahead with the project.  If not, you should consider if there are intangible benefits, which have not been quantified but which should be taken into account.


For more detailed information, please download "E-Learning - Getting Started" which is a work document prepared by E.F.ODL under the Leonardo da Vinci programme funded by the European Commission.