Belair Executive Education

Belair Executive Education provides education courses for successful professionals customized to their needs, based on their primary domains of expertise.

Initially, its programs will focus on medical doctors and engineers, who have taken on leadership roles that require non-technical skills and knowledge that these professionals have not yet the chance to learn in depth.

The Belair Executive Education learning programs are geared to managers and executives, who may have specialized knowledge and experience in non-business fields (e.g. medical; scientific; high-technology; law; architecture; etc.), but whose management responsibilities have exposed knowledge and skills gaps that they now seek to fill efficiently and effectively.

Mobile Online Learning Institute

Mobile Online Learning Institute, a non-profit research and development institute, promotes research in emerging online/mobile education delivery methods and best practices. 

It works with educators, academic and business third parties to explore how to use new technology in improving the learning opportunities afforded students on-the-go.

Belgian Network for Open and Digital Learning

The Belgian Network for Open and Digital Learning is a non-profit making organization. It aims at establishing cooperation between statutory organizations and private companies with a view to a growing implementation of e-learning in training programmes for employees.
BE-ODL links organisations and companies with a rich experience and expertise with modern information- and communication technology. Five or six times a year, BE-ODL organises seminars at which practical cases are presented. Furthermore, several manuals were being written for ‘starters’ and other projects will be launched.



Rapid Intake

Rapid Intake is the leader in rapid interactive elearning software and course review software. Creating online self-paced computer-based training courses saves companies millions of dollars in travel and other costs while also providing “always-on” access to the latest training.

The powerful, flexible Rapid Intake e-learning tools help instructional designers and content owners collaboratively create Flash-based interactive computer-based training courses, quizzes, games, and simulations built on proven learning patterns.


The National Institute for the Development of Continuous Vocational Training (INFPC) is a state institution under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP).

The INFPC supports companies applying for state co-funding subsidies according to the CVT legislation.

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