Account type
Functionality Premium Corporate
Content Creation
Fast content creation (one file)
Multi-page content (Chapters, Tests)
Onlive surveys
In-browser WYSIWYG editor (FCK Editor)
Support for external content formats: Flash, PDF, audio, video…
Issue course certificates
Content Distribution - Presentation
Public access in
Private access via email invitation
User management: control access to your conten
Graphique style
Advertisements on content presentations    
Personalized content presentation / design

Private access for closed user groups / dedicated subdomain(

Publish to corporate intranet  
Communicate / Work together
User feedback and content ratings
Built in email tools
Dedicated forum
Measuring tools
Traffic reports - track content popularity
Content use reports and individual user reports
Extra reporting tools (filters, sorting, export)
e-Commerce tools
Sell content online in
Monthly subscription
Indicative subscription rates in € 49 149
Licence / learner 3-9 3-9


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