Web based LMS


The Front-End is the interface every user can use. On RedGrove, you will find some information on the Home Page, the Catalog and the FAQ. You will be able to register and then to log in to have you personal section called MyGrove. 


  • Home Page with latest news
  • Various sections: Catalog, Help-FAQ, MyGrove, Facebook page
  • Login box to register and log in
  • Search box

Back-Office Course creation

The Back-Office Course creation is the interface where you create & manage course content.

1. Add new courses which can include multiple chapters & tests Each chapter can have multiple (unlimited pages)

  • Each page can contain text, images, links, audio- & video clips
  • Tests with the following question types 
    • Choose 1 response in a list
    • Choose multiple responses on a list
    • Reorder a list
    • Matrix response
    • Fill in the blank

2. Manage the course attributes which control the course behavior 

  • Closed / Open course
  • Control course availability (publication- / expiration dates)
  • Assign course cerificates based on test pass levels
  • Classify the course for easy searching

3. Copy existing courses to produce custome versions with a few quick edits.

Back-Office User management and course allocation

In the user management section, you will be able to see who have subscribed to your courses online and you can add users manually and assign them to particular courses.


  • Add or delete users
  • Organize users in user groups for easier management
  • Invite selected users / user groups to a particular course via email
  • Define user types
  • Generat unique key codes as a registration key for each course.  These keys can be sold or given to customers as a pre-approved access token for closed courses.

Back-Office Reporting

The Back-Office Reporting section will allow you to do course- or user- centric tracking.  Quickly find answers to questions like :  


  • How many subscribers are there for each course ?
  • How many chapters / pages have been viewed ?
  • How many people to took a particular test ?
  • Who subsribed to my courses ?
  • How active are the students ?  Who is most active ?
  • What is the progress of a particular student ?

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